Hi, how’s your day been?

Simon Gwynn

Not as cool as I think I look

Hello, I’m Simon. I live in London, which I arrived at by way of Sheffield and Glasgow. I’ve just finished an MA in Magazine Journalism at City University and am now taking my first steps into the shark-infested waters of professional journalism.

You can take a look at my CV here.

I love nonsense, hate bullshit, and try to maintain an attitude of healthy open-minded scepticism. It’s not always immediately apparent, but I’m very friendly and look forward to talking to you about life!

My specialist subject is general knowledge.

On this site, you can find links to some of the articles I’ve had published for titles including The Herald Magazine, ES Magazine, the Sunday Herald, Construction News, Chemist + Druggist and Buzzfeed.

You can also head over to my blog, Fools Seldom Differ, where you can read countless film and theatre reviews, some of which have been published elsewhere. There are also various features and news stories available for perusal, along with some examples of publications I have designed and edited.

During 2012 I went to see one hundred films at the cinema (well, almost). I put together a big list of all 100 films, ranked from the better-than-heroin to the Godwin’s law-inducing.

I intend to use this blog as a receptacle for most or all of my future written work. It is therefore likely to lose, rather than gain, focus as time moves forward.

I make no claim to be informed or balanced in what I write, but I’m striving to do a decent job.

Everything on this site is © Simon Gwynn.

I have no idea if there is any legal significance in me putting that there but it makes me feel important.

Also follow me on Twitter because, well, that’s what we do now, isn’t it?

One response to “Hi, how’s your day been?

  1. Great blog, looking forward to more of your work.

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