Pleased to meet you

I’m a reporter for Campaign, where I write about things like marketing strategy, brand mishaps and putting pictures of cats on the Tube.

I was previously a food and drink reporter at The Grocer.

I’ve written bits and pieces for the likes of Total Film, The Independent on Sunday, Evening Standard Magazine and The Herald Magazine. Take a look at some of my work here.

I’m also available for publishing projects. You can see some of things I’ve worked on here. Track me down on Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Myspace. 2006 sez hai.

Also stored on this website is my now infrequently updated blog, Fools Seldom Differ, which is named in celebration of the mutual delusions that bring humankind together. It contains lots of film and theatre reviews, among other things.

During 2012 I went to see one hundred films at the cinema (well, almost). I put together a big list of all 100 films, ranked from best to worst.



One response to “Pleased to meet you

  1. Great blog, looking forward to more of your work.

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